GMail Accounts

I’ve got about 6 GMail invites left after the last round of invitations. If anyone wants one, just drop me a line.

Update: I’ve exhausted my GMail invites.

Microsoft enters the Music Arena

Competition is such a blessing in disguise – yet news regarding Microsoft’s entry into the music store world makes you wonder if we should welcome the new MSN Music Store? Either way, in my opinion, I think the store is a step in the right direction that hopefully will reflect on all new MSN related sites. Some of the nice features on the site include:

– User Interface
MSN appears to have stolen a page from the Google school of design. The entire layouf of the Music store has plenty of white space and is ad-free.

– Organization
I had no trouble identifying songs by genre and search results were grouped by Artist, Album, Song or Radio station.

– Integration with Passport
For me personally, the integration with Passport is probably one of the best selling features. By having a Passport enabled account, I can not only sign in to a plethora of MSN sites but also to other sites such as Monster and eBay. Furthermore, since I have previously used my Passport account, I was able to easily maintain the same profile information on the music store.

– Search
It appears that the store is using some of the new MSN Search technology. I did not see an Advanced Search, but my search query, resulted in a list of possible matches grouped by Artist, Album, Song or Radio Station.

My Blogging Degree

If you haven’t already heard, an employee at Friendster, was recently fired as a result of some of her blog posts [1] [2]. However, at the same time, a post from Michael Gartenberg clarifies how a single event may not necessarily be the cause for a termination.

Over the last month, I have been trying to decide on how much and what kind of information I should be revealing through my blog, especially information regarding the various processes that I interact with at my work environment.

I think it’s hard to stay away from a topic if you are truly passionate about it but at the same time without a definite corporate blogging policy can you follow the rule ‘No one told me that I couldn’t’?