Quixtar, Amway …

Is anyone else bothered by the various people promoting Quixtar (Amway)? Today, for the first time, someone actually emailed me with the similar personal sales pitch. At this point, it’s bordering on the line of annonying.

This blog entry is work in progress as I’m going to collect links and resources on how to tackle the Quixtar campaign.

Identifying a Quixtar Solicitation

Email typically arrives from [email protected]

Quixtar Investigations

1) Dateline NBC investigation of Quixtar

Broadcast Message

I’m hoping that with Scoble‘s help that I may be able to find a solution that would work in a call center environment to help broadcast an emergeny message to the computer terminal of a call center personnel.

The RSS solution would work except that the technology is geared more toward ‘pulling’ information rather than ‘pushing’ it to multiple workstations.

The IM solutions currently being tested have not turned up with positive results, primarily because AOL and Yahoo are pulling out of the enterprise IM scene and MSN’s Messenger does not have the ability to broadcast a message to multiple people at the same time. Furthermore, the goal is not to permit an environment of instant messaging but rather a platform for emergency updates.

Does anyone know of any product that would help in this situation?