Tip : Load Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Faster

I picked up a tip on getting Acrobat Reader 6.0 to load faster from John Roller’s blog post.

1) Go to the \Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader folder

2) Take everything except EScript.api, EWH32.api, IA32.api, Search.api and Search5.api from the plug_ins folder and move it into Optional folder.

GMail Accounts

I’ve got about 6 GMail invites left after the last round of invitations. If anyone wants one, just drop me a line.

Update: I’ve exhausted my GMail invites.

Microsoft enters the Music Arena

Competition is such a blessing in disguise – yet news regarding Microsoft’s entry into the music store world makes you wonder if we should welcome the new MSN Music Store? Either way, in my opinion, I think the store is a step in the right direction that hopefully will reflect on all new MSN related sites. Some of the nice features on the site include:

– User Interface
MSN appears to have stolen a page from the Google school of design. The entire layouf of the Music store has plenty of white space and is ad-free.

– Organization
I had no trouble identifying songs by genre and search results were grouped by Artist, Album, Song or Radio station.

– Integration with Passport
For me personally, the integration with Passport is probably one of the best selling features. By having a Passport enabled account, I can not only sign in to a plethora of MSN sites but also to other sites such as Monster and eBay. Furthermore, since I have previously used my Passport account, I was able to easily maintain the same profile information on the music store.

– Search
It appears that the store is using some of the new MSN Search technology. I did not see an Advanced Search, but my search query, resulted in a list of possible matches grouped by Artist, Album, Song or Radio Station.