Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday is set to release Distractions and Convictions on July 2nd. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to their earlier albums and knowing Carl Emmons while at Messiah. Now, I’ll finally have a chance to own their new album when it’s released.

Two of the songs from the new album are now available for your listening pleasure at Last Tuesday

Update: Thunderbird

If you’ve been using Outlook 2003 for checking an IMAP account, I would highly recommend a switch to Thunderbird.

Whenver you delete a message in an IMAP account, using either Outlook Express or Outlook the application ‘deletes’ the message by striking out the message indicating that it was flagged for deletion. However, to permanently remove the message you still have to click on Edit and then choose Purge Deleted Messages.

What is even more annonying is that in Entourage, one can setup an IMAP account and not have to deal with the above. Why is there different functionality in two products coming out from the same manufacturer.

Update: I’m going to try using the custom view in Outlook 2003 to prevent deleted messages from being displayed. Other than that, the best option appears to be continuing to send in requests to the [email protected] mailing address or to rant in the next beta test for Office.

Zambia – Top 10 Tourist Destinations

Per a survey from The British 2004 Trends and Spends, Zambia has been placed on the top 10 destinations for tourists in Africa.

As the saying goes, Zambia – The Real Africa.

Messiah College @ Solar Splash

I just found out that Messiah College placed 4th in the recently held Solar Splash competition.

Messiah has been racing in various events since 1997. I first joined the Solar Racing team as a first year student at Messiah. Essentially, Genesis was all about a group of students who got together to build and race a car that was powered entirely with solar energy.

Not to brag, but our team did so well, that we not only walked away with the top technical innovation award, but also had the lightest car (~ 800lbs) and the fastest car (~ >70mph) in the event. Although the results, often don’t speak about the hardships that a racing team goes through, each member definitely learns something over the course of the racing season.

If there’s one thing I learnt as being part of the team, it’s definitely that the little dogs in the race can make all the difference.

Congratulations Genesis II.

Update: Gateway goes downhill

I’ve always been a fan of Gateway products and have pushed for their adoption wherever possible. However, that may soon end as a result of terrible customer service regarding a rebate that was supposed to have been mailed to me early in February.

I spoke to both Young-America (The company that handles Gateway’s rebates) and Gateway’s Customer service department and continue to be passed on to another department.

Lessons in Customer Service

1) Don’t pass the buck
2) Don’t ‘transfer’ the user – ‘connect’ the user.
3) Treat the customer as one, even after they’ve actually completed the purchase. This is probably the single most important aspect, as it builds customer loyalty.
4) Keep your promises. If you say you’ll call back, ensure that you stick to your word.

My ordeal with Gateway continues. Updates will follow as and when I receive it.