The Science of Marginal Gains

In 2010, Dave Brailsford faced a tough job. No British cyclist had ever won the Tour de France, but as the new General Manager and Performance Director for Team Sky (Great Britain’s professional cycling team), that’s what Brailsford was asked to do. His approach was simple. Brailsford believed in a concept that he referred to as the “aggregation of marginal gains.” He explained it as the “1 percent margin for improvement in everything you do.” His belief was that if you improved every area related to cycling by just 1 percent, then those small gains would add up to remarkable improvement.

Good read on What Would Happen If You improved Everything by 1%: The Science of Marginal Gains.

Equal Support Provider

When doing a presentation recently, I made the case that there should not be a perceived difference in service delivery when a customer is interacting with an organization’s social media support channels (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Chat  etc.) versus traditional Help Desk support channels (e.g. Phone, Walk-In, Email etc.). In my opinion, not only does this negatively affect the organization brand, but it also encourages support traffic to be routed to the path where the perceived best level of service will be received.

Are you an equal support provider?

Equal Support Provider

Can Email Be Private?

In general, I’ve subscribed to the belief that email should not be considered private, particularly in light of the ease with which email may be accessed, copied and distributed. Silent Circle has a good write-up of the challenges with trying to make sure that email is secure.

Email provides no means to secure the headers (routing information, and the envelope). The routing information, which is visible by looking at the headers of any email message, by design, is all unencrypted. Any server in the path between sender and recipient, can view any portion of the headers, as they are stored as plain text in the beginning of the message.

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